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The Human Microphone #OccupiesWallStreet

I just searched “Occupy Wall Street” (OWS) on Google News and in a quarter of a second I had 29, 300 results. That’s a lot of news coverage on one topic. To say that mass news media coverage of this liberal American protest … Continue reading

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What’s Going on Outside the USA? You Probably Don’t Know

About two months ago, I shared with you some details about The Geopolitics of Representation In Foreign News: Explaining Darfur, a book I had just began to read which summarizes a study of international mass news media that looked at international news … Continue reading

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Mr. Splashy Pants

As I am working on my next ‘big’ post (It will be up sometime next Wednesday, and I’m excited about this one!) I wanted to share a fun video about social media from a TED talk. What’s a TEDTalk? The … Continue reading

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