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D(r)eactivating Facebook: Taking Back Control

Last Tuesday I deactivated my Facebook (FB) account for one week as part of an experiment to see just how big a part of my life it has become.  As I said last week, Often times we do not realize … Continue reading

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(Digital) Life After Death Creates Modern Day Ghosts

This week I hope to inspire you to think about something that’s most likely going to become a big dilemma for you and/or your loved ones in the future. If you are active on social media and you continue to … Continue reading

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How Many Facebook Friends Would Jesus Have had?

Social media has become ridiculously ubiquitous in our world today. If somebody would have told me a few years ago that I would actually feel an urge to check certain websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) on a daily basis I probably … Continue reading

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“The Pen is a Virgin, the Printing Press a Whore”

My blog focuses partly on how social media is affecting the way that we share information on the Internet. Thus, I wanted to do a post about the debate which exists in the Social Informatics discipline about the influence of … Continue reading

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What the Internet is Hiding From You

A very interesting, and at the same time, a very scary, talk. He discusses how the Internet is becoming increasingly more personalized to our individual needs. Which sounds cool. However, when does personalization go to far? I think that it … Continue reading

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