An Open Source World

This has been a tough week for me when it comes to having the time to do anything and this is mainly so because my PhD application deadlines (see the bio for my life goals) are coming up (the first deadline is December 1st!) and I have devoted the majority of my time to those applications. The hope is that I will get into an amazing program and will continue to learn a lot and share everything with you over the next few years on this blog!

As a result of the lack of time I have found a really cool TED Talk to share this week that relates to how communication technology is having and will continue to have a positive impact on our world. If you want to learn more about these talks, I briefly described what a TED Talk is during this entry a few months ago.

The talk focuses on the work of Marcin Jakubowski and an organization he started, Open Source Ecology, which is taking advantage of the “open source” model of information sharing that has become immensely popular over the last few years (think Wikipedia, for example).

When I watched this short video I became inspired and optimistic about the future of human uses of communication technology. While Mr. Jakubowski mentions that he is focusing on hardware because that is what is most likely to impact change in the world, the fact is that the type of change he is advocating for (providing blueprints for everyone to build important tools and thus reducing costs dramatically) is only possible because of the existence of new forms of computer mediated communication that will allow people to share information with each other like never before. Hopefully we can continue to take advantage of open source communication technology to improve our world. So sit back and enjoy the four minutes of knowledge below!

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